Ah, well, another day, more Twitter twattery.

Shared by a (left-wing) friend on Facebook, unironically of course:

Just to make a point, they do that shit in Asia because their usual social distance is a fuckload closer than the average American’s.  But that’s beside (and misses) the point.

The main problem with this Twat is that nobody in America is crying about being oppressed, or taking up arms and storming government buildings, over the wearing of masks in a time of ‘rona.  I mean, I’m flatly stating I won’t wear one, because I can’t breathe with one on (proved that the other night when I got my hair cut for the first time in two months, put a mask on to appease our friend who is also our stylist and things got so humid behind it that, even with dry mouth, I aspirated water and started coughing within five minutes, so go fuck yourself about masks).

But people in America aren’t crying, etc., about masks.  They’re crying about being oppressed and taking up arms and storming government (and other) buildings (and looting them) over the death of a Minneapolis perp who died from a shitty and oft-complained-about cop kneeling on his neck because he was struggling and resisting arrest.  This, of course, was cause for an uprising in many cities around the nation, where peaceful protests turned into armed riots, smashed storefronts, looted stores, and a call to abolish (or at least “defund”) the police.  Who in the event were worse than useless in stopping the rioting and looting, so maybe they have a point.  But it’s a limited point, because the police were typically handcuffed by their local mayors and other politicians, and weren’t allowed to do anything about the rioting and looting.  Like shoot rioters and looters.  Which is what people used to do, when this country still had a soul.

And now they’ve burned a Wendy’s — allegedly black-owned — in Atlanta because another dumb perp — drunk in this case — who managed to get a cop’s Taser away from him and was trying to use it on him and his fellow arresting officer, got shot dead by said arresting officers, who were in reasonable fear for their lives.

The best (or worst, depending on your outlook) part?  In both cases, the only reason anyone is upset is because the perps were black and the officers were white.

So to get back to the Twat posted above:  Foreigners who know nothing about America are self-centered idiots and should fuck off.