A break from Wuhan Virus to thank an old blog friend for very kind words.

Something that has been keeping me sane for the last few weeks has been plugging away on the novel I’ve been writing since 2016 (and which I finished in draft this past Wednesday night).  But this post is not about that book, it’s about a short story I wrote, and the nice things someone said about it.

And it’s nice to write a post and not be angry for a change 🙂

Around the middle of March, I had a very vivid dream.  I don’t remember most of my dreams, probably because I simply don’t sleep well to begin with, but it’s possible the combination of a CPAP machine and a dose of melatonin at bedtime have combined to allow me to sleep well enough to start dreaming in a meaningful way.

(Before the CPAP, dreaming usually meant nightmares, generally ending with falling off a cliff or out of an airplane or off of a tall building…well, you know…and waking up before I hit the ground, covered in sweat, gasping for breath.  Turned out when I was tested that I was waking up something like 66 times an hour due to my soft palate collapsing and not being able to breathe through my nose.  With the CPAP machine for the last five years, it’s more like 3 or 4 times a night, if that.)

So the bottom line was, I woke up, remembered the dream, and the characters and what they were doing were so present in my mind, I had to write it.  The characters were demanding that I write it.  And they would not leave me alone.

One problem:  It was fantasy.  And as it turned out, it was 11,000 words of fantasy.

Jack Randall knew immediately something was off when he pulled up to the old roadhouse.

Little did he know that crossing paths that night with the establishment’s beautiful bartender and her handsomely-rugged boyfriend/cook would lead to him recalling his former life as a god – or fighting a rematch with the god who had stolen his memories.

Fantasy is not my métier, by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve never spent a lot of time reading it, and certainly never entertained any notion of writing it. I’m usually too hard-headed to enjoy stories about magic. There are exceptions, but not many.

But because I have a sort-of mentor who is an established SF/fantasy writer, who says, “Write your dreams,” I had to take that to heart.  I wrote it; it took about a week and a half, then I cleaned it up and made a cover for it, and it’s been up on Amazon for about two weeks as either a $0.99 “buy it” or a Kindle Unlimited “download it for free and read it”.

And when I mentioned it on Facebook, the blogger you may know as Brigid from Home On The Range bought it, read it, and (from what she said about it) loved it.  And she’s been kind enough to say nice thing about it on her blog, as well.

I was simply floored, and was speechless for a while (and those of you who know me know that’s sometimes difficult to achieve with me).  So thank you, Brigid.  I am more grateful to you than I can express.

Here is the story.

Only $0.99 to buy, or read with Kindle Unlimited.

Direct link (If you’re on an iPad or something tablety or phone-y, you may need to go direct as the above iframe may not work for you.)

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  1. First time here but see your comments often on other blogs. Your book is now on my Kindle and since Amazon won’t let me comment on your book because it is not a “purchase” I’ll read and comment here. Love scifi.

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