Quit whinging.

I am just about up to here with all the whinging and bitching and carrying on from people who:

  • Have “essential” jobs, and
  • as a result, must leave home and go to work — in some cases, at low-paying jobs — while many, many others are forced to sit at home, idle, not making any money at all.

Such people include but are not limited to doctors, nurses, day care workers, and other front-line emergency responders, critical infrastructure personnel, and all the folks who man the stores and gas stations and restaurants and pharmacies and whatnot that are still open even though we are under a stay-at-home order.  Said stay-at-home order has enough holes in it to drive a truck through, but I think in most cases people really are staying home as much as they can at this point.  Except for the folks noted above.

In particular I have seen nurses bitching that they are not being provided with masks and gloves because of shortages, and that they did not sign up for this.  You know…fuck you.  You DID sign up for this.  It’s what you felt a calling to do, and if you honestly thought that calling was only valid if you could work in clean, sterile environments with plenty of protective gear on hand, apparently the thought never went through your head that a single major trauma event (like 9/11, or a big earthquake in California, or floods in the Midwest, or a hurricane on the Gulf, or the Chinese lobbing a nuke at the west coast) could wind up with you working in even worse conditions that what you are facing now.  Are you saying that if you found yourself somewhere, unhurt or with only minor injuries, where there were dozens of people needing first aid, and you had maybe only a small kit of emergency supplies to work with, you wouldn’t try to help people once you ran out of gloves and masks?  If so, what the fuck are you doing in that profession?  Get the fuck out, and stay out, don’t leave people in the lurch when they were depending on you.

Day care workers are almost as bad, and my daughter is one of them.  “I Can’t Stay Home, I’m a Day Care Worker.”  Well…sorry.  Because of the fucked-up way the socialists have rearranged our society since I was a kid and a lot of moms didn’t have to work outside the home, a lot of people don’t have any choice anymore but to stash their kids in day care while they go to THEIR “essential” jobs.  If this upsets you, stop voting for Democrats and RINOs, because they’re the people who’ve made it next to impossible for moms to stay home because of the need for second incomes to pay the fucking huge burden of social justice taxes that have been dumped on our shoulders since the 1960’s.

You know who I haven’t heard bitch yet?  Emergency medical people.  EMTs and paramedics.  This is what they do EVERY FUCKING DAY.  Yeah, sure, they have masks and gloves and do everything they can to prevent getting infected with any number of things you never even see in your nice little hospitals.  These are the people who ALREADY go out, day after day, rescuing human trash out of the regular trash, bringing them back to life with a Narcan injection, or getting splashed with blood while trying to stabilize someone with a gunshot or knife wound long enough to transport them to a trauma center.

OK, my paramedic niece just complained that she can’t get her squad through a drive-up so she can’t get coffee.  My daughter told her to call them ahead and tell them she’s emergency services, they’ll bring it out to her.  Of course if they can’t tell she’s EMS when she pulls up at the place driving a damn squad with lights and siren and EMS markings all over it and still can’t be bothered to lean out the door and ask what they need, they’re just stupid and need to have some sense beaten into them.

I went and got a crown fixed last week.  Stupidly popped the cap off of it chewing a Tootsie Roll.  Yeah, I know, I shouldn’t do that.  Got a little reaming for it from my dentist.  But more importantly, I didn’t get complaints from him or his assistant that they might get infected from a patient.  Of course, they gowned up and gloved up and masked up, wore those big safety goggles you remember from high-school chemistry class, and made me swish my mouth out with something that made me wish for a glass of Laphroaig* to wash the taste out.  And there was blood, because of course he had to get the gum out of the way, and when he was filing things off with his expensive dentist’s Dremel tool, there was water (undoubtedly with a little blood mixed in) splashing around, despite his assistant’s best efforts with the vacuum tube.  It just is what it is.

What my dentist DID complain about was the inability to get masks and gloves at a reasonable price because so many assholes were out there buying them up and hoarding them.  And he complained also about the stay-at-home orders that were losing him money hand-over-fist because he had to cancel everything but emergency appointments.  His hygienist is laid off, nothing for her to do, and she’s a mom with two little kids.  But like I said above, he didn’t bitch about having to be a foot away from my face (same for his assistant) and having to have his fingers in my mouth (gloved or not) to fix that crown.  It was his job.  That’s the way he saw it.  So did his assistant.

I am also up to here with the lying mass media and the Democrats and the NeverTrumpers who are continuing to prevaricate about Orange Man Bad and all the things he’s done wrong (clue: actually he’s made very few errors in execution, but sometimes his mouth runs away from him) to fight this contagion.  Let’s take one thing in isolation, since it seems to be the Big Deal of the Week:  The alleged lie he told about chloroquine being approved by the FDA (it was not approved like a normal drug, it was approved to be used in cases of compassionate use, i.e., last-ditch, nothing-else-is-working cases of the coronavirus).  The fact is, chloroquine is an approved medication IN CERTAIN CASES, like for treatment of malaria, and also in treatment of auto-immune diseases such as lupus.  What the FDA did was to clear it for the alternate use so that doctors wouldn’t be arrested and charged for giving it to patients whom nothing else was helping.  But the media latched onto “Trump lied” when what is more likely is that Trump simply misspoke due to confusion over what the FDA actually had done.  The situation was cleared up later, but apparently nobody cared about that, it was more important that Orange Man Lied Again.

And then the news came that an elderly couple had ingested a fish tank cleaning chemical that contained an ingredient that sounded like it was chloroquine (it was chloroquine phosphate, bad shit that), and the man died and the woman ended up in ICU.  This was clearly Trump’s fault for stating that the FDA had approved chloroquine without reservation.  Whoa, Nelly.  Back up a little bit.  FDA approval of any drug doesn’t mean that drug is going to be available over the counter for self-medication.  Anything these people did was on their own shoulders.  People in advanced cases of coronavirus infection ARE responding well to the chloroquine/azithromycin cocktail that’s been proposed for that purpose, but nobody is even breathing a word about that cocktail being made available to the general public as either an OTC self-treatment or a prophylaxis (which is what things like Tamiflu are for influenza — they can lessen the intensity and duration of the disease if you get them into your system fast enough).  And why is that?  Because fucking chloroquine is a goddamn nasty fucking drug that can fuck you up if you take too much of it, and even if you don’t, it can make you pretty damn sick.**

I’m about ready to start asking these fucks who think Trump is mismanaging this entire situation just exactly what they’d do in his shoes that he hasn’t already done (and the major media refuse to report on).  Because I’m going to tell you right now, the single-payer regime we’d likely be under if Hillary had won in 2016 would not be responding at all well to this crisis.  It would be a fucking total disaster.  And then there’s Nancy Pelosi and her pork-ridden stimulus bill with all the riders in it that have absolutely zip zero nada to do with the current crisis on the table.  It’s all opportunism, it’s all being seen as a way to pull a legislative coup on the American people without them realizing it.  They’ve even admitted it.  Kudos to Mitch McConnell for holding mostly firm and forcing Pelosi to drop her giant left-wing pork chop on the floor.  Apparently the $2 trillion Senate bill has been passed. [EDIT TO CORRECT:  Apparently by the Senate only; Pelosi is graciously (hah) going to “recall the House” tomorrow (Friday) to consider it.  As has been noted elsewhere, they could pass it by unanimous consent and not have to be present to do so.  So she’s still a raging bitch who doesn’t actually care about us.]  To be honest, I doubt it will do much good, and it will all end up being borrowed money our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will have to pay back, but it’s something, I guess.  And the market is up today, so maybe that’s positive.  That really doesn’t sound like Trump mismanaging much of anything to me.

The bottom line is I’m just tired of listening to people bitch, and frankly I’m tired of bitching about the situation myself.  Time for everyone to read a little Marcus Aurelius and learn some Stoicism.

So if I go off on you for being an asshole who’s not helping, well, now you know why. But I probably won’t, because I’m sick of all your shit and will probably just completely ignore/block you going forward.


* A very peaty, smoky, single-malt Scotch whisky.  Had it once, filed the experience away, and will never drink it again.  I don’t mind a little peat or a little smoke, but this tasted like drinking liquified peat moss that had been burning for a week.  Sorry, just not my thing.

** Chloroquine is probably the drug my late ex-gf was on for lupus years ago that she said made her so sick, she had to quit taking it so she could work.  Thirty-ish years later, I don’t remember if she ever told me the name of the drug, I just know whatever it was, it was bad.  But an application of Occam’s Razor suggests it was, indeed, chloroquine.