Pelosi’s Pitfall, AKA Dems will never learn

Frankly, I don’t care so much what Pelosi did to her copy of the SOTU as why and when she did it.

Because I don’t care who you are, that was Grade A immature pre-school shit right there. And it speaks volumes about why the Democrats can’t stop throwing tantrums about Trump.

Dems, you want to know why Trump keeps beating you like a rented mule?

Look in the mirror. Read what you write. Pay attention to what you do. And all will be revealed unto you.

The longer you continue to venerate the Big Book of Alinsky, the longer your opponent is going to keep throwing what you said (or wrote, or did) back into your face. Because he LOVES to fight. And you’re not used to that. You’re used to Republicans backing down and compromising. This guy is not built that way. He is literally goading you into fighting him. And as soon as you try something you’re sure is going to work this time, he pulls some Trumpian jiu-jitsu move in return and you end up on the mat, flat on your back, going, “Wha’hoppen?”

As the great philosopher Rocket J. Squirrel often noted, “Aw, Bullwinkle, that trick never works.” The Democrats could learn a lot from that.

But they won’t. And a rabbit will never actually come out of that hat. It’ll be more like a spring-loaded boxing glove filled with bricks.


Donald John Trump. That’s what happened. And eventually you’ll give in and accept it.

Nah.  Maybe you just need to get another hat.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.