Time for the real Persians to step up

The Iranian-American War started on 4 November 1979.

This is a reminder for the benefit of Congressional Democrats, whose memories apparently don’t go back that far. I know Ilhan Omar’s don’t; she hasn’t been an American that long (and still isn’t, regardless of being given citizenship that ought to be revoked).

The IA war has never ended, and continues 40 years later, mostly because the Iranian leadership can’t back down from their “US == Satan” rhetoric. Well, that plus the mullahs are a bunch of fascist dictators. I keep wondering when the real Persians are going to step up, the Transfenestration of Qom will happen, and the Radical Islamics who’ve ruined Persia will be tossed out on their asses in favor of the Zoroastrians.

I hear a lot of sass from Persian protesters talking about how they don’t want any help from the US, but I sure don’t see any mullahs being cut down in the street like the dogs they are. So that’s something they might want to either get on with, or ask for help with. Their call, but I’m thinking it won’t be long until we take care of that for them, whether they like it or not.

Bottom line, you want this shit to end? Kill the got-damn mullahs who own you in fee simple. You have nothing to lose but your chains, your chadors, and your hijabs.


  1. Cappy

    Transfensteration. Pretty original. Is that throwing an ayatollah through a transom window? Throwing transsexual mullahs out the window.?

    I’ll settle for defensteration.

  2. Fuzzy Curmudgeon

    Throw them through the window without opening it first.

    I think Mad Mike Williamson invented it.

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