Note to Dems: You lose.

It’s all over but the shouting:  There aren’t going to be enough votes to call more witnesses.  Thank you, Sen. Murkowski, you have somewhat more integrity than I gave you credit for.

“DEMS SIGNAL THEY WON’T ACCEPT TRUMP ACQUITTAL” blares a headline, inline in that article.  I won’t link it.

But who cares? You had a lousy case from the start, you defenestrated due process, you tried to manage the whole House side of the case in a star chamber and without a single GOP member in favor, you managed to piss off every GOP senator once the trial started, you’ve turned the American public off to the whole thing (and non-voters and Democrats are showing up at Trump rallies — cats and dogs are sleeping together, apparently), and finally, you’ve just plain blown your play. You screwed it up every single step of the way, and you’ve squandered almost every bit of political capital you had. Oh, and it looks like your leading presidential candidate is crooked as a dog’s hind leg, and his son is equally crooked and a total waste of oxygen to boot.

Sucks to be you. Live with it.

Maybe next time don’t be so quick to let the media prod you into doing something you really don’t want to do, Nancy.

This debacle will be taught for decades (or would be, if history and political science departments weren’t overrun with progressives who will now scurry to cover it up) as an example of how not to run an American political impeachment. By any means of comparison, the Clinton and Johnson impeachments and subsequent trials were fair, cool, calm, deliberate, and a credit to the Constitution. (And I’m actually not saying that was true, because they weren’t, but they were a hell of a lot closer to it than this clown-car fiasco.)

This group of Dems wouldn’t even have been able to convict Nixon. And that’s sad, because Nixon was probably convictable.

Give it up, already.  The American people are sick to death of your squabbling.  It’s going to be a fucking landslide in November for Trump, the House, and the Senate, the way things are going.  Shit, the GOP will probably even pick up some governors’ mansions.

Somebody please move to take a vote tonight, and get this waste of taxpayer dollars over with.

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  1. Joe

    Amen and exactly

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