This is not political and it’s not personal

The Democrats’ bogeyman.  Photo Credit: AP

Unless you make it personal.

The reason I’m waiting to see what John Durham has to say about the Trump/FBI imbroglio (as I don’t put much weight on either of the IG reports so far) is that I want to see both the process and the rule of law respected.  It’s not about political bias, as a NeverTrumper friend I just blocked on Facebook* claims it is. It’s about wrongful and illegal use of legal processes designed to ferret out and punish wrongdoers. It’s about lying about a phony secondhand report from a sketchy source to get a FISA warrant to spy on a candidate for elected office. It’s about the FBI’s off and on again investigation of the Clinton email scandal. It’s about a bunch of evil, lying sacks of shit going around with FBI badges and pretending to uphold the law. You know — the law they swore to uphold.

So far as I can see, the only wrongdoing in this entire mess was done by government officials who should have known better, but were so convinced that history would absolve them and fête them as heroes (because after all, Hillary! was going to be elected, so this would all get swept under the rug and there would be medals and promotions for all in her administration), they went ahead with their lying and misrepresentation anyway. And then, miracle of miracles, DJT got elected and THEY GOT CAUGHT RED HANDED.

As for the third report, my blocked friend implied that it’s going to be “a third IG report.” It’s not. It’s the Attorney General’s report, and as I had pointed out in the original FB post, John Durham is a US Attorney who has a lot more power than any Inspector General. IGs don’t have subpoena power, they can’t convene grand juries, and they can’t get warrants for arrests.  The fact that Durham is involved means it’s a criminal investigation at this point. And Durham is not known for letting things slide. There will be hell to pay for the FBI interfering in a national election and then trying to coup the lawfully-elected president, and all of the guilty know it.  Thus the mad scramble by the press and everyone else involved to claim Horowitz’s IG report vindicated all of them.  Not so fast, boys and girls.  AG Barr and US Attorney Durham don’t agree with Horowitz’s conclusions.  Act III is coming soon.  Make sure you’ve got popcorn.

Look, I don’t like Donald Trump, either. I was a NeverTrumper until Cruz pulled out (I have said this many times on this blog), and then I was damned if I was going to vote for a Green, or a Libertarian who had an anti-2A VP candidate, or Hillary!. But I can live with DJT being president.

You can hate Donald Trump all you want, but you MUST stand for upholding fairness and the rule of law. And right now, nobody on the left or in the NeverTrump camps seem to be doing that. And I can tell you that if this goes on, the next Democrat president (not to mention the next RINO Republican president) is going to have a really, really, REALLY rough ride.

All y’all done made the flyover folks mad. And we’re not taking it anymore.


* Because frankly I was sick and tired of the NeverTrump bullshit that I’ve been listening to him spew since 2016.  And he’s a meatspace friend, too, unfortunately.  NeverTrumpers just need to fuck off and die.  It’s too late for that shit — he’s been the duly elected and inaugurated president for nearly three years.  Stop beating that dead horse, for the love of all that’s holy.