Pete Buttigieg needs to go back to South Bend.

We were sitting at brunch with my sainted* 91-year-old mother yesterday, when she came out with the strangest question I’ve ever heard from her:  “What do you think of this guy, I can’t remember how his name is pronounced, who’s running for president?”

“You mean Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend.”

“That’s him.”

“I think he hasn’t got a chance, because nobody is going to vote for a guy who can’t even fix up his own town.”

“Oh, you don’t mean that.”

“Oh, yes I do mean that.  There are people up there who absolutely despise him because he’s never come through on his campaign promises.  The black community up there is pretty much fed up with him.

My wife interjected, “We don’t talk about politics.  Period.  Unless we agree on a candidate.  So let’s stop right here.”

And that’s where it stopped.  But the truth is, if you dig into Mayor Pete, he’s really not worth the candle.  What I love is how Democrats are all mad and shit about Donald Trump not having any government experience and yet he’s President of the United States, and they think a guy like Mayor Pete, who’s barely out of diapers in the sense of his political life (he’s only a second-term mayor who’s unlikely to see a third term, if I’m reading his negatives correctly) is a great candidate for their nomination.

They thought that great faux-Hispanic from Texas, Robert Francis O’Rourke, was a great candidate, too, until just a couple of weeks ago.  Now the guy can’t buy a poll.  I see Buttigieg going the same way.

Sorry, Mom.  But you’re in better shape with Donald Trump in office, much as I hate to say it 🙂


* It was Mother’s Day.  It’s the only day she’s “sainted” other than her birthday.  Trust me on this. 🙂