Sorry, but I’m calling BS on this entire article.

An article here purports to suggest that you sleep better if you sleep naked.

OK, let’s face it.  Some of us have met in meatspace, so if you’re squeamish, don’t even bother to uncover the following sentence:  I normally sleep in the buff, and have done most of my life. My wife sleeps in PJs and socks, regardless of the temperature, although she does save the flannel for winter.

#1 is bullshit.  My wife falls asleep at the drop of a hat; I struggle every night, regardless of my clothed or unclothed state.

#2 is also bullshit.  Arguable bullshit, but my wife always seems comfortable, and again, regardless of clothing mode, I’m not.  Though I will agree that I am more comfortable in the mode suggested by the blacked-out sentence, above.

#3 must be noise in the data, or they’re asking the wrong people.  I mean, we also sleep with separate covers, because two days after we started sharing the same bed, I said, “You have got to stop stealing the covers.”  And we have slept with separate blankets ever since, nearly 19 years now, without any harm whatsoever to our relationship.  Indeed, it probably made it better, because we didn’t spend half the night fighting over the covers.

#4 and #5:  Bullshit.

#6:  No data.  But based on available evidence, probably bullshit.

#7:  Bullshit.  Neither of us lose weight, although we could try harder at that.  Like, by eating less, exercising more, etc.

#8:  Bullshit.  She looks younger, I look older.

#9:  Snort.  Bullshit.

Look, sex is great.  I’m not running down sex.  But if all you’ve got is sex, don’t kid yourself — you’re not going to have any kind of real, lasting relationship if the whole relationship is based on how you look and how long you last and whether or not you sleep nekkid.  And at our age, sex isn’t the first thing either of us think about when we hit the sack, anyway — we’re tired when we go to bed.

But it’s a women’s website, so I guess they have to write something titillating to get the clicks.

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