Just a note

If you have Liberty Mutual automobile insurance, please stay the hell away from me and my wife with your car.

My wife will have been without her car for nearly a month when it finally gets out of the body shop, thanks to Liberty Mutual slow-rolling her claim against one of their clients (who admitted fault).  The shop was only able to order parts TODAY because the claim wasn’t approved until late yesterday, and it’s been 2-1/2 weeks since the accident.  Plus, LM lied about not receiving photos from the body shop a week ago so they could process the claim.

We have State Farm (I have been a State Farm customer continuously since the mid-1980s) and you can say what you like about State Farm, but I have never seen State Farm slow-roll a claim like this…and I’ve never seen any other insurance company do it, either.  Some kid rear-ended my wife at a red light a few years ago and we had the vehicle in the body shop and repaired by the end of the following week.  I don’t recall what insurance company the kid used but I’m fairly sure it wasn’t Liberty Mutual.  (Actually I think it might have been Farmer’s, but I’ve slept since then.)

Bottom line:  Liberty Mutual Bad.