I’ll believe it’s a crisis when they start acting like it’s a crisis.

Weather agency chief: I’ve never briefed Trump on warming

Um…so? And, “this is news, why?”

A friend says, regarding this article, “I think we can agree that this process has taken years to get where it’s at and even more years to reverse.”

Sorry, I said, I don’t agree with your premise, because I don’t agree that it’s really warming.

The current extremely weak sunspot cycle (and predictions for the next cycle to be as weak or weaker) argues that we’re going the other way and any warming we think we see is just false warming from residual, stored heat in the system, as the total amount of heat we’re getting from solar irradiation (insolation) is dropping. When you hit the brakes in a car, you don’t stop on a dime; you slow down first, because of inertia. The Earth is a big, complex system with lots and lots of heat-sink in its oceans, and thus lots and lots of temperature inertia. It won’t get cold overnight, but the cold is coming, whether Presidents “do something” about it or not, and it’s already been pretty well established that there is very little humans can do to stop either warming or cooling. The last estimate I saw indicated that trillions of dollars poured into warming remedies would result in merely a fraction of a degree of difference. Wouldn’t it be better to pour that money into improving the lives of human beings rather than throw it into the money pit of climate religion? We can cope with heat and we can cope with cold; we’ve done so many times before in human history. But throwing away wealth on things that won’t make a damn bit of difference in the grand scheme of things doesn’t help us cope with anything.

The politicians and the newsies and the noisy celebrities will continue to claim there is a crisis, while continuing to pump carbon into the atmosphere with their private planes and suchlike. I’ll believe there is a crisis when they start acting like there’s a crisis. So far they aren’t, therefore I don’t.