It’s still morning in America.

So, this morning, if you’re a Democrat, feel free to rejoice…but in reality, you haven’t won anything tangible, so your celebration will ring sort of hollow.

The silver lining for the GOP in the ‘Crats taking the House is that they’ve now firmly gridlocked the system. They won’t be able to impeach Trump, won’t be able to expand Obamacare, won’t be able to raise taxes, and otherwise absolutely nothing of consequence will get done by Congress for the next two years. Because if you think 52 (and probably 54, by the time the counting is done; Tester looks done in Montana, and anyone with sense didn’t vote for Sinema in Arizona) GOP senators will vote for any of that in the current climate, you’ve got another think coming.

Oh, and? Remember, confirmation of judicial appointments doesn’t involve the House. Whee! Cocaine Mitch has got a big smile on his face, this morning.

All in all, I’d have preferred the GOP to keep the House, but this is the least bad of all other outcomes. And the senile Pelosi will make the ‘Crats continue to look worse and worse, with former bartender Alexandria Occasional-Cortex continuing to write checks with her mouth that her party can’t cash. Rush Limbaugh’s old rule of thumb may be wrong — Democrats may actually be funnier in power than they are out of power, at least in this cycle.

Blue wave? LOL. Blue ripple. Trump smiles. So do I. Now if we can just get that pesky 17th Amendment repealed…