Another Trumpian lesson in “be careful what you wish for”

…because it might come around and bite you in the ass.  To wit:

Democrats: Kavanaugh has a #metoo moment!  Even it if was in high school 40 years ago and his accuser has little to no credibility and DiFi sat on her letter for six weeks without bothering to bring it up until it was pretty solid Kavanaugh was going to be confirmed!  Hurrah!  And no, fuck you, we’re not going to make her available to the committee to testify under oath, either!  Got ya!  Blue wave!

Imperial Grand Master Troll God Emperor Trump:  I’m declassifying all of the Russia investigation documents and making them available to the committees and others who have been clamoring for them.Trump’s riposte to the Kavanaugh Kaper is an open-and-shut case of, “I’ll see your bluff, and open the floodgates of your destruction.”

Because why wait till October to spring an October surprise?  Kavanaugh needs to be seated by the first Monday, you know.  Lots of work for the Court to do, cleaning up after Obama and the last 70 years of liberal insanity.

And on Constitution Day, too.  The Framers are grinning.

As somebody in the comments at Instapundit said, “The Democrats have known all along what day Trump was going to declassify the documents…they just didn’t know they knew it.”  Amen.