Let Democrats take over, they want to take your guns.

Dear Councilman,

I am deeply disappointed that the City-County Council will be taking up Proposal 112 at its meeting this evening.

This resolution is, first of all, an attempt to violate the rights of law-abiding citizens.  But more importantly, it is completely meaningless, because the State of Indiana has statewide preemption of firearms regulation.  It’s clear that the council recognizes that fact, because Proposal 112 is merely a resolution to write a strongly-worded letter to the General Assembly, which will simply laugh it off.

However, the council will waste valuable debate time over something that makes absolutely no difference in the grand scheme of things, but which can be waved around like a bloody flag at election time to prove that certain council members have checked off all of the correct political position boxes.  Banning weapons from the law-abiding public does not make them safer, as anyone who follows “armed citizen” reports would know.  But isn’t ensuring public safety part of the council’s bailiwick?  How do you do that when you take away the right of self-defense and “when seconds count, the police are only minutes away”?

Were the council truly interested in reducing gun violence in the City of Indianapolis, it would be encouraging efforts to enforce the myriad of existing gun laws, but more importantly, it would be taking steps to clean up the drug, gang, and homeless problems from which the City suffers.  Insisting on banning so-called “assault” weapons and high-capacity magazines is not how you clean up these problems – it simply removes the option of self-defense from law-abiding citizens, while those who are uncaring about the law and willing to break it will always find a way to obtain banned weapons.

We need only look to the City of Chicago and the problems they have with outlaws obtaining guns, regardless of having some of the strictest anti-gun laws on the books.  The City of Deerfield has been handed a setback in court regarding its attempt to remove weapons from its city limits.  The day of this sort of restriction is past; only dinosaurs and progressives are still pushing to strip us of the right to self-defense.

The fact is that laws are for the law-abiding.  It is an exercise in futility to enact legislation in the hope that the lawless will obey it.  The City of Indianapolis has better things to work on than debating useless measures such as Proposal 112.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon

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  1. Joe

    Supposedly this proposal to ban so-called assault rifles was in response to the murder of a child a few months ago. That child was killed with a hand gun. Then the school shooting in Noblesville was cited. That shooting was done with handguns and in a different county.

    This was nothing more than a publicity stunt. It also signals which party believes in individual rights.

    It is ironic that the Council deliberated taking away your right to defense while protected by metal detectors and armed guards.

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