The solution is not what the left wants.

Look, I’m sorry as I can be about the loss of life down there in Florida.  It’s all the more horrific because it happened at a school.

But the FBI failed to follow through when they were warned, months ago, about this idiot.  They can make all the excuses they want, but this is on them.  I mean, here’s a completely opposite read on what can happen if people are alert and the cops take them seriously.  And that just happened on Tuesday, the day before the Florida shooting.

And as usual, the chattering classes all want more gun control.

To which the only answer is to remember the Gospel of Professor Reynolds (Glenn, not Malcolm):

When people say things like “don’t let this moment pass without acting on gun control,” what they’re really saying is our arguments are so unpersuasive that they can only succeed when people aren’t thinking clearly.

So think clearly.  Keep your powder dry.  Firmly but politely remind gun-grabbers that we already have a surfeit of laws that are supposed to prevent the kind of thing that happened in Florida yesterday, but don’t, because oddly enough, criminals don’t pay any attention to the law.  In fact, as Bobbi mentioned on Facebook this morning, young perp dude violated the law the instant he crossed the curtilage line of his family’s home.

The solution to the problem of school shootings is not to keep guns out of the hands of well-meaning citizens.  As usual, one armed teacher or staff member could potentially have put paid to this clown before things got out of hand.  Instead, one unarmed teacher was killed because he placed his body between the attacker and his students.  I submit that I’d have been happier if that teacher had been carrying a gun yesterday and had blown the jerk’s head off, instead.

Also, the media need to stop giving these shooters their 15 minutes of fame.  Never mention their names.  Concentrate only on the victims.  Never show video of the perps.  Don’t publish details of their planning, or go into their thinking or psychological issues.  If they live, let them be stuffed as far back in the corners of the criminal justice system as possible, never to be heard from again.

Why?  Because the kid in Washington who was arrested on Tuesday was a self-confessed copycat, out to make a name for himself.  You don’t get copycats if there’s nobody to copycat.

Sadly, yesterday’s tragedy wasn’t just a fuckup on the part of the FBI for not paying attention to the warning they were given.  It was also a wholly-owned production of the sensationalist US media who have made these assholes part of the mainstream, ever since Columbine.

All for the sake of headlines.

The media should be ashamed.  But they’re too busy vying for eyeballs and clicks to care.