The big solar furnace in the sky

Sitting in the doctor’s office waiting for my appointment just about the time the moon wolf was starting to eat the sun goddess, I got to watch the full totality somewhere in Idaho courtesy of their TV which was set to ABC’s “Great American Eclipse” — and isn’t that just precious.

Anyway, the talking head chick was mentioning how chilly it had gotten all of a sudden, and I had to snicker, thinking,

“And you people who believe in globull warmerongering don’t think the sun heading for the bottom of the cycle minimum has anything to do with the fact that global temperatures aren’t rising and climate change cruises to Antarctica keep getting stuck in the ice.


Turn that big H->He converter in the sky off for just a few minutes in a comparatively small area of the planet and look how chilly it gets immediately from the lack of insolation.

If there were a just God, he’d turn the damn thing off altogether and let us freeze, as stupid as the mill run of us are.