Who’s the bigot, again?

Comment on Facebook regarding the bombings which have commenced:

Unfortunately it is all game and a joke to the bigot elected and his minions… Smh

My response:

Yeah, it *was* a joke to Obama and his pals, wasn’t it? Given that he never actually did anything to stop it, red lines or none.

Trump is just cleaning up the mess.

Oh…you meant Trump? My bad.

This entire mess is the result of Obama’s mouth writing checks his pen and phone couldn’t cash.  You don’t draw red lines and then back away from them.  You don’t put a block on your shoulder, invite the other guy to knock it off, and then whine that you didn’t really mean it when he does.

Trump is actually the anti-bigot.  He saw pictures that would roil any decent man’s stomach, and he did what any decent man in his position would do — he fired a shot (well, okay, 59 Tomahawk missiles) over Assad’s bow as a warning that continuing to use weapons of mass destruction against his own people was no longer going to be tolerated.

And yet, I just heard on Fox someone ask how much those missiles cost?

What does freedom cost?  What does a child’s breath of fresh air untainted by Sarin gas dropped by adults in a war the child doesn’t even understand cost?

Do you realize how many Syrians have died in their civil war since 2011 because Barry didn’t have either the will or the cojones to bring the Word of God to Assad?

That fucker is going to end like his Ba’ath butt buddy Saddam if he doesn’t wise up quickly. Say what you will about Trump, he got his mad on over those pictures of dead kids, and he reacted like an American should.

The traitor Obama may have weakened us, but we aren’t done yet — not by a long shot. We’re still the baddest motherfuckers on the block.  Apparently Mark Steyn was on Fox last night and called the bombing “a real Russian reset button.”

Yep.  No more games and no more playing around.  Assad is on notice.  Will he back down or will he be the next Saddam Hussein, cowering in a spider hole as US Marines pop the cover and drag him out?  Or worse, will he be the next Nicolae Ceaușescu, arrested and shot down like a dog after a drumhead court martial?

If the little ophthalmologist is smart, he’ll take a deal from the Russians to slink quietly away to a remote dacha in the Urals to live out the remainder of his likely-short life.  But he’s probably not that smart.  Dictators rarely are.