The first 5% was easy. Maybe the next 5% will be easy, too.

As noted in my earlier post, I’ve been taking phentermine at my doctor’s direction since February 25.  This is the halfway point; it’s been exactly 45 days since then.

And I’ve hit my first goal of 5% weight loss.  I started at 292.9 pounds, and today I weighed 277.0.  (Which is a little more than 5%, but I had set the goal when I weight a bit less and I just kept it even though I’d gained a little more.)

A side effect of the phentermine is that I’ve been much more focused at work.  For instance, about three weeks ago I started a complex programming project that required a lot of concentration to keep it from going off the rails.  I completed the project in two weeks (and remember, I’m a manager, backup ops guy, and technical writer at the same time, so I have more than enough on my plate without a programming project).  Before phentermine, I’m not sure I would be done with it yet.

I suspect I have a touch of adult ADHD, and while phentermine isn’t an ADHD drug, it’s a stimulant and it probably has been pulling my mind out of the fog.  So I need to talk to the doc about that when I see him in six weeks.

Anyway:  GOALLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!

Now, on to get the second 5% (or more) by May 26.  In 2003, I lost 40 pounds between April and November.

To quote that almost-famous man, “Ah, Haley vs. United States. Haley: 7, United States: nothing. You see, it can be done!”