Just. Wow.

At work, I’ve recently been forced to learn the hell that is Adobe InDesign.*  Which is to say, I started moving stuff from Adobe FrameMaker (another DTP program I don’t know, and have no interest in learning) into InDesign on Monday, and after two days, I had eyestrain trying with my nearly-six-decade-old eyes to read the tiny fucking fonts Adobe’s asshole millennial GUI designers apparently have good enough eyes to see unaided.**

And that was on dual 24″ Asus flatscreens running 1920×1080 each.

So Tuesday, I pulled the plug on a purchase of two new Asus VE278Q 27″ “Full HD” monitors.  This was not as painful as I expected, because the price on 27″ monitors has REALLY dropped like a stone since the last time I looked.  The $20 rebate per monitor helped.  They came today and I waited till after work to install them.


Three diagonal inches more is A LOT.  Almost an inch and three-quarters wider and taller than the 24’s.

I did not realize how much I must have been squinting to read ANYTHING on this computer.

And yes, goddamn it, I KNOW THAT I’M SHOUTING.  I have Within Temptation cranked right now because I’m fucking pumped.  FUCKING PUMPED.

I may actually ENJOY going to work tomorrow.


* For what it’s worth, almost every time I type that word, I type “InDesigh”.  I think that is Freudian or some shit.

** Probably on 17″ CRT monitors at 60Hz, the fuckers.

*** And I mean that in a good way.