Just an observation

When you’re wearing all black, and a mask to boot, you shouldn’t be surprised, going forward, if you get shot.

And I don’t mean with a rubber bullet, either.

Only fascists bent on the violent overthrow of the government dress in uniforms and are afraid to show their faces.  If you’re not going to demonstrate peacefully and non-anonymously in a republic, you should be prepared to die, because you have made yourselves into an army of revolt.  And the people of the republic should be satisfied that such is the response to your assholishness.

In a world where every action is deemed to be speech, the only real hate speech is that which you promote — you hate America and everything about it.  The rest of us are not amused.

When we say that the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of tyrants, we’re not just talking about kings and dictators — we’re talking about YOU, viz., the fascist wannabe army who prevented Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking in Berzerkley Wednesday night.

It’s past time to crack down on these revolutionary idiots and show them the error of their way.  As the old saying goes, they should be dealt with as wolves are.