Sometimes I wish my folks had raised us Christian.

Trump’s vigorous defense of anti-Semitic image a “turning point” for many Jews

Fuck me raw.

As a Jew born and raised, I say that politically, Jews are some of the most ridiculous people on the face of the earth.  They can always be trusted to act and vote against their own best political interests.

Naturally, there are exceptions to the general rule (Jonah Goldberg comes to mind).  Just not enough of them.

And fortunately, there are people out there vigorously denying the narrative.

PS:  Any motherfucker who calls me a self-hating Jew over this can kiss my fat white heinie.  The only self-hating Jews in this world are the ones who can’t see past the blinders they’ve put on their own damn heads.  I for one refuse to be a sheep led to the slaughter, bleating, “but I always supported the regime!”, when the knock comes at midnight.

Oh, and?  #NeverTrump.  But also #NeverDemocrats.


  1. Hodapp

    So, did you scroll down and read the comments by the Clinton supporters that followed Greenblatt’s piece? Yeah, Trump is just obviously an anti-semite because the “white racists” and David Duke will vote for him and not Hillary.

    Quod erat demonstrandum.

    Oh, and Greenblatt obviously wrote it because he is so demonstrably Massa’s house negro.

    Followed by the obligatory devolution into recounting Florida chads re: Bush v. Gore.

    The challenge the Progs face is how to make Trump’s boorishness appear to be more repulsive than Hillary’s actual criminal and ethical exploits. So which is the lesser evil – the one you don’t want at your party, or the one you don’t trust in your office (while her husband is getting blown by her secretary)?

    He’s embarrassing. She’s indictable.

  2. Hodapp

    BTW, the only self-loathing Jew I’ve seen this election season has been Bernie Sanders, who stacked the DNC Platform Committee with his three personal representatives – all of whom who quite openly announced their principal stated purpose was to be sure to get his pro-Palestiean, pro-BDS, anti-Israel policies crammed into the plank, above any other issue.

  3. Fuzzy Curmudgeon

    I have learned never to read the comments. That way lies insanity.

    As far as the rest of it goes: Punch back twice as hard. If they bring knives, we bring guns. I have it on good authority that these are appropriate responses to dissent, and folks on the right ought to use them more often.

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