Tiggr may have turned a corner.  He barely ate for two days, then the vet gave him a vitamin B12 shot yesterday.  Today he called back with the blood work results and told us that they indicated a low red blood cell count, among other things.  (His creat level, interestingly, went from over 6 to just over 3.)  So he made up some stuff called Calcitriol solution, which I guess contains vitamin D3 and calcium, which we picked up last night and started Tiggr on.  The vet also told us to get some multivitamin paste from the pet store for him.

All of this was in aid of getting Tiggr to eat again.  The Calcitriol and the multivitamins were for the anemia and general support.  The vet also said, feed him whatever he will eat, tuna, chicken, even red meat if that’s what it takes.

Yesterday he picked at some canned chicken.  Today he ate a little more of that, but his motor really started running when I tried him on tuna.  He’s been a little eating machine since then, and he’s drinking more water than I’ve seen him drink in a long time.

Hopefully this is good news.

(Edited 7/24 to fix time frames and clarify some things…I posted this from my iPad last night and my mind was muzzy.)