Tiggr has been at the vet all week for observation and general rehydration.  We went over last night to see him and he was in pretty good shape…eyes weren’t sunken anymore, fur was good (although it never really got bad like Snoopy’s did), and he seemed to be putting on some weight and his skin tone was good.  He was eating like a piglet, too, which was refreshing to see.  And boy, does he hate that tube in his paw 🙂

The vet wanted to run another test this morning to see how much he has improved.  As it turns out, his creatinine levels were over 6 when he was admitted, and they were around 4 today, indicating some improvement.  Normal levels are 0.6 to 2.4.  He’s never going to regain full kidney function, of course, so we’ll still have to take him for kitty dialysis once a week for the foreseeable future.  But he’ll be able to come home tomorrow and stay home all weekend and into next week before we have to take him in again.

Prayers are still welcome.  Tiggr, Frankie, and the lady wife and I appreciate them.