I has a sad.

It's just awful when a lovely young friend of yours who is about to be married to a stand-up guy receives from him (as a pre-wedding surprise gift) tickets to see a lecture by Neil deGrasse-Tyson — because he knows she wants to go.

I know she's a flaming liberal but my God, has she not paid any attention to deGrasse-Tyson's flaming lies and misrepresentations lately?  Exhibit 1 Exhibit 2 Exhibit 3  Exhibit 4 … and that's just Twitchy.  The man just makes shit up and people believe him because…why?  Because he's Neil deGrasse-Tyson?  Who?  (I'd never heard of the guy before a couple of weeks ago, and I like to think I'm up on shite like that.)

Well, yeah, ok, she's a flaming liberal, so progressive lies are like candy to her.  But still…

Ah nuts.  Never mind.