Shatner don’t know shit about brown sugar.

I'm not a man to kiss and tell, but if William Shatner thinks you have to be a liberal to kiss a black woman, apparently he's unaware of those of us cracker-type folks on the right who were kissing black women way back in the day, too.

The best kiss, bar none, that I've ever had was when I was a junior in high school.  Her name was Christie, she was a senior, and damn oh damn.  If she hadn't been graduating I might not have ended up going steady with the junior girl I met the next year.*  I just looked Christie up in the yearbook and damn me if I don't still think she was gorgeous.

I love my wife but if things had been different…wow.  Don't think I would have complained.  And the best part was that I wasn't doing it to make the boss happy (as I'm sure Gene Roddenberry had a lot to do with that scene even being in the episode — and if you remember, the kiss was "forced by alien telekinesis", as Wikipedia puts it in Nichelle Nichols' entry.  T'weren't nothin' "forced" about Christie and me).

Racism only happens when people decide to make an issue out of something that is really not even an issue.


* Who, thank goodness, I didn't marry.