Stand up for Israel

Here is a list of universities that have rejected the ASA academic boycott of Israel.  (H/T Instapundit.)

I see my alma mater (Indiana) on there, but I don’t see any other Indiana university listed.  Most notably, I don’t see Purdue, which always likes to claim that it’s better than IU for some unknown reason.  I guess Purdue is happy to let its umbrella organization speak for it instead of getting out there and actually speaking for itself.  What say you, President Daniels?

But I also don’t see Butler.

I don’t see Indiana State.

I don’t see the University of Indianapolis.

I don’t see Ball State.

I don’t see Marian University.

Maybe some of you who are alumni of those and other Indiana institutions of higher learning ought to be sitting down and writing some letters to presidents and boards of trustees/regents.

Even the left-wing University of Maryland is on there, fer cripes’ sake.

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