Libertarians need to make a choice.

There is no longer a third way.  Terry McAwful was elected governor of Virginia because a bunch of idiot Libertarians ran a third-party candidate who drew enough votes away from the Republican candidate to give McAwful the victory.  Jerry Pournelle trenchantly observes:

The Libertarians decided to run a candidate as spoiler, and allowed him to be financed by false flag Democratic PACs who were pleased to have a few percent of the vote go to anti-Democrat voters. They can now be proud of having elected a Democratic operative and fund raiser as governor of a key state. They can feel proud of having accomplished the only possible outcome of their actions and we can count on them to duplicate their efforts in 2014.

That’s right.

I know I have a lot of friends and acquaintances who push the Libertarian cause.  While I don’t disagree that the GOP is in disarray, you don’t further your cause by splitting the GOP’s share of the vote.  That is nothing more than a recipe for disaster and the continued progressive makeover of this nation (although I may be repeating myself).

As Ben Franklin is purported to have once said, “If we do not hang together, we will assuredly hang separately.”

The progressives are counting on it.  Why, for once, can we not horribly disappoint them?