You know, I’m really a very nice person

It’s just that most of the rest of the world seems to want to piss me off most of the time.

For instance, when you decide to buy something you need online from a new-to-you retailer — and by doing so you are automagically signed up for their thrice-daily email bulletins.*

Son of a bitch.

Yeah, I get that it’s not technically spam; I have a business relationship with you.  But it IS spam — because it is unwanted, unasked-for, and unexpected.  (Well, the last, these days, is hyperbole — of course I expect it.)

I receive literally hundreds of emails every day on half a dozen accounts.  One is my work account, that very nearly predates the Green Card Spam, and of course is on every CD of “millions of verified email addresses!” that Eastern European mobs sell to unscrupulous e-mail marketers.

I don’t NEED more email.  And certainly not unwanted email in French and Spanish, which seems to be most of the crap I dump out of my work account every day.  (Plus I had to simply block anything coming from a .RU TLD.)  For instance, my inbox folder in my Unread Mail this morning contains 30 items, 27 of which are spam.  Holee shite.  And it stays like that ALL FREAKING DAY.

So most of it goes right into the bit bucket without even being opened.  Which costs the mailer nothing and costs me time, effort, sanity, and hair.  And people wonder why I’m bald.


* I may be exaggerating.  But not by much.  Never buy anything from a certain online fine china replacement/fill-in service unless you want daily emails regarding what they have in stock.  How the fuck often do their customers break shit, anyway?  All I needed was four bowls to fill in our wedding china that we never completed…jeebus.