“What is the output waveform of an unfiltered full-wave rectifier connected to a resistive load?”

What do you mean?  An African or European output waveform?

I’m too old for this.  And I’ve been looking at the Extra Class book, too, just to see what comes next.  Whimper.

Yes, I know the answer.  “A series of DC pulses at twice the frequency of the AC input.” 

I just had an outbreak of something similar to what my thesis advisor used to call “kanji-head”, but in radio-speak rather than in Japanese.  I think I am studying way too hard for a test where I only have to get 27 26 out of 35 questions correct.* 

When I start dreaming about stringing an HF dipole between the two biggest trees in my backyard with a shotgun, I think I will have to stop for awhile.


* I have “27” on the brain for some reason.  According to the FCC — and I just now looked it up, 20130524 11:21:00 -0500), minimum passing score for the General Class examination is 26 of 35.