Oh yeah

When we got home from the glorious People’s Republic of Maryland and the not-quite-as-commie-but-still-fairly-pinko Commonwealth of Pennsylvania last week, Sally turned on the big screen TV and it puked its guts. (Anybody who wants a 52″ RCA analog projection TV — one that was originally a Thompson prototype and CANNOT be taken anywhere to be fixed because it does not have a U/L label — and no, I will NOT tell you who gave it to us or where we got it — is welcome to drive over here and pick it up, BTW. If you get here before I tear it down, anyway.)
So after some consultation and a wifely phone call to her mother during which she opined that we needed to buy a new TV and we were considering dipping into our anniversary savings account for a “loan” to buy one — to which my mother-in-law (bless her!) said, “Why are you planning to pay yourselves back? Take it out as an early anniversary present!” — we moseyed over to Costco and bought this lovely and its accompanying stand.

Clickee for biggee

We could have gotten the same TV at HHGregg for $50 less, if we’d been of a mind to get up at 3AM on Black Friday and get in line. It was well worth $50 to sleep till 8, go have a nice leisurely breakfast, and walk out of Costco in about 20 minutes with this one.
Sally’s jaw dropped when we turned it on and tuned in a football game. “It’s like you could reach in there and pick one of the people right off the field!”
Now she’s pissed that we didn’t do this before Dancing with the Stars shut down for the season.
40″, by the way. Plenty big enough.