This is the difference between Democrats and Republicans

A Republican governor has the guts to stand up and say a program he started and cheerled for is flawed.
I doubt any Democrat governor would have done the same; they would simply have poured good money after bad trying to fix the existing program. The Hair, as usual, is disingenuous:

“This is a rare moment in which I can congratulate the governor for making the right move,” said House Speaker B. Patrick Bauer, D-South Bend. “It is the right thing to do to recognize when you make a mistake to adjust, regroup, because there were too many people suffering. There were too many people’s lives in danger.”

Riiiiiight. Pat, baby (may I call you “Pat, baby”?), you know damn well if this program had started under Frank O’Bannon (RIP) or Joe Kernan, and if there was still a Democrat governor in Indiana, you’d be frantically trying to get the Pubbies in the Senate to pass a bill to pour more taxpayer dollars down the drain to fix it — and blaming the Pubbies because they had insisted on underfunding it from the start (or whatever story you’d come up with that fit the narrative).
Sounds like Mitch actually knows what he needs to do and he’s treating the problem like any good businessman would — cutting his losses and trying to fit the pieces that actually work into a new and better program. I don’t see how the fishwarp can call this a “major setback” when Mitch is actively trying to improve things by admitting the original plan was flawed.
Of course, I think public welfare needs to be defenestrated anyway. Along with the Gannett Star and the Demoncraps.