One area where insurance could be improved

While I’m arrayed totally against Øbamacare and any single-payer plot plan, and while I’m generally pretty satisfied with my company-provided insurance, one area strikes me as rife for beatings commencing until morale improves.
Recently I had a root canal, and obviously I had to have a crown. The crown and post cost $1,364. Guess how much insurance paid.
No, really, guess.

It allowed $166, and since I have to pay half of that, they paid $83. And that was just for the post, which was billed at $320.
Before they’ll pay anything for the crown (which they won’t pay squat for even if they agree to do so), they want a whole bunch of documentation, including the x-rays. (Can you say, “that’s one of the reasons the bill is so high to begin with”? I thought you could.)
Now, I understand that dental work is expensive. And I realize there is a lot of fraud out there, and a lot of work done that’s really cosmetic rather than remedial.
But these people need to be killed, resurrected, and then beaten to a pulp.

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  1. Sounds like the company cheaped out a bit there.
    I’m riding Kelly’s policy now, so I’m grateful for anything. For 7 months last year, I had nothing.

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