Welcome to Carter Administration II

That is all.
No, not quite. John Derbyshire, last night:

I’m thinking of another election 29-1/2 years ago, when Margaret Thatcher swept into power in the U.K. As I recall, there was no great fuss one way or the other about her being the first female Prime Minister. Those of us who supported her just knew she had the right stuff, and so she did.
If the first female Prime Minister had been someone lesser, especially someone from out in left field — Barbara Castle, say — that likely would have been a disaster, and a great many people would have concluded that electing a woman Prime Minister had been a really bad idea.
It is of course a great thing that we are (it seems pretty certain) electing a black President. It’s just a crying shame it had to be this shallow, empty man, who has never shown a flicker of interest in wealth creation, whose head is stuffed with all the vapid nostrums of 1980s student leftism, and who seems — putting the most charitable construction on it — not to mind the brazenly thuggish tactics of his supporters.
I’d gladly join in the cheering and self-congratulation of our nation’s first black president, if it were a person of the caliber of Margaret Thatcher. This guy is just Jimmy Carter lite. Way lite — ol’ Jimbo had at least run a business and served in the military.

LATER: Stephen Den Beste:

I would have enjoyed watching lefty heads explode if McCain had won. But we’re going to see lefty heads exploding anyway; it’s just going to take longer.

Read the whole thing. Especially you Obama-loving Jews — take a look at his prediction vis-a-vis Iran/Israel.
If Israel is going to take out Iran’s nuclear capability, the clock is ticking. 77 days and counting.
MORE: I keep reading around the right blogosphere of all these folks congratulating The Obama on his victory. I simply can’t do that. There’s no way I can congratulate a man on a victory won by misrepresentation, fraud, and blasphemy.
He will not be a great President, so why congratulate him? There’s no sense in acting all “jolly good show, well played old man” stiff-upper-lip Brit about this. I plan to work against him and all traitor congresscritters and senilators (including RINOs like Dick Lugar) in any way I can.
This is how conservatives fight a civil war:
Job 1: A CONSERVATIVE Republican Congress in 2010.
Job 2: Sarah Palin for President in 2012. Now that she actually has experience in what it takes to field-dress donkeys, let’s give her a chance to show what she knows.
Then, the enactment and ratification of constitutional amendments providing for Congressional term limits and better guarantees of personal wealth and property than currently exist — and a repeal of Amendment 16 and the quick death of the IRS.
Yeah, I know. I sound like a libertarian but without the haze of pot smoke hanging over my head. And I also know this is going to be a lot of work. But I’d rather people were working actively on it now instead of glad-handing Mr. Inexperience.
I for one DO NOT welcome our new Democrapic overlords.
MORE: Peter Kirsanow:

Last night was Obama’s night. January 20th too. Watch for genuine opportunities to work together for the betterment of the country. But on every other occasion fight. Fight every attempt to entrench a new entitlement. Fight every attempt to redistribute wealth. Fight every attempt to radicalize the courts. Fight every attempt to weaken our defenses. Fight every attempt to restrict political speech. Fight every attempt to revise history. Fight for what’s best about America.

So mote it be.