The McCain campaign: Deranged about Sarah

Michael Ledeen:

The continued trashing of Sarah Palin — IMHO the most qualified and by far the most exciting candidate of the four — is very disappointing, and the rash of unseemly whining from the McCain camp just shows once again why so many of us were depressed when he won the nomination. The stuff from the left is understandable; they fear her, and they want to drive a stake through her heart. But the trash from the McCainiacs is beneath contempt. So much for “elegance in defeat.”
The worst of it is that very little attention is devoted to the actual VP-elect, Joe Biden of Delaware, a man with no executive experience, who invents ‘facts’ many times a day, who is the walking definition of narcissist, and who will, for the next four years, be a heartbeat away from the presidency.

God help us.
The damn fools. The only reason McCain did as well as he did was due to Sarah. None of McCain’s staffers should ever work in politics again.
And the best idea I’ve heard all day regarding McCain came from a crusty ol’ guy from Huntington who suggested to Rush that the next time the Senator feels like reaching out across the aisle, he ought to just walk over there, find himself a comfy chair, and not come back.
UPDATE: Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks these McCainites need to be run out of politics on a rail.