I hate this time of year.

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Bobbi writes that her writer's block is caused at least partly by her desire to hide under the bed until after New Year's.  I can relate.  Woke up this morning and it was dark as pitch.  Looked at the clock and it was 7:10 AM.  My wife was still sawing them off, and that's unusual; she's usually out of bed and getting ready to leave for work by then.*

I wrote over there that the only thing that kept me sane and out from under the bed was the fact that I'd been telecommuting for 20 years.  Well, it's not quite 20 years...it's almost 19.  I boo-booed.  On the other hand, tomorrow it will be 20 years since I walked in the door of our Wheaton, MD, office.  Bet the boss doesn't even say a fucking word.

I kind of liked Wheaton, even though I hated living there.  Wonder if the Chicken Basket is still there.  And Mama Lucia's Italian deli (not the chain that goes by the same name).**


* Unless she's Manager on Duty and has to open...in which case she's out of bed and getting ready to go to work at FOUR FUCKING AM.  Which always wakes me up, and then I'm done for.

** OK, I looked.  The Chicken Basket is still there.  The reviewers are correct, it is one of the best hidden secrets of Wheaton, MD.  But Lucia's Italian Deli is closed.  That doesn't surprise me, Grandma was like 90 when I was working out there and I think the family was only keeping it open for her.  They made the best calzones.  And they had real Italian gelato, flown in from Italy once a week...sigh.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.


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