Wishful thinking on a grand scale.


I wish I could bring myself to believe that this kind of thing does any good.  I can't.


Indianapolis area radio stations are joining those calling for unity against violence. 

Indy United on the Circle is a rally in support of public safety and law enforcement.  This follows the tragic shooting death of IMPD Officer Perry Renn.  Emmis Communications Senior VP Charlie Morgan says the free public event is slated for this Saturday at 9 pm on Monument Circle.  Morgan adds the event is an opportunity for people share and express a sense of community amid the recent violence.

U.S. Rep Andre Carson, Mayor Greg Ballard, public safety officials, community and clergy leaders are also set to attend. 

That's nice, but the violent element is not inclined to listen to anything you have to say.  By their sheer existence they have already given notice that they don't care what you think because they have decided to operate outside of the norms of human decency to get what they think is coming to them.

The answer to these people is not rallies and prayer and vigils, but a willingness to go after them tooth and claw until they scream for mercy.  It is no different than what I said yesterday about the Israelis.  You do not go to war hoping that you don't have to fight, or with a care for collateral damage and civilian casualties. You go to war with the intent of breaking the other side to the point that they not only cannot fight you anymore, but to the point that they do not want to fight you anymore.

In a way, it's a shame that we have hobbled ourselves with posse comitatus.  It would be interesting to go through the less fortunate parts of this town with about a thousand National Guard troops and methodically remove these people from our midst.*  But that is not going to happen, any more than this waste of perfectly good air time is going to accomplish what it is trying to do.

* I have clearly read The Last Centurion far too many times.


Just like the "Blue Pledge" from the TV station. All fluff to make them feel good, but otherwise a waste of time. They might as well promote a "blue ribbon" to put on your lapel and car trunk.

Hold your breath while I go put blue light bulbs in my outside lights to show those criminals I mean business. More idiocy from the "we must do something, even if it is pointless" crowd.

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