Aw geez.


Target publishes a big fat MEA CULPA in full-page ads in national newspapers...

...and the Nigerians immediately start spamming.  "Get A Target $25 Gift Card after completing some questions", "Complete couple of questions and get $25 Target card".

I'm sure the "couple of questions" involve your card number and the security code on the back.  But I'm not clicking the link to find out.

This is the sort of shit that armed Predators were made for.  NSA, start tracking those bastards down so the CIA can send in drone strikes.  It's got to be a target-rich environment.


I would be happy if the NSA could use their awesome powers and track down "Heather, from Card Services" who calls my cell phone every f-ing day from a different number with an offer to reduce my credit card rates.

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