OK, girls.

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The inimitable me in high school.  The date suggests I was a junior.  Being in orchestra uniform definitely confirms it since I wasn't in the orchestra till I was a junior.  (String bass if you must know.)  I believe at the time I literally weighed about half of what I did at my peak a couple of weeks ago.  Maybe 140 pounds.  Possibly 145 soaking wet.  Dig that funky moustache (all the facial hair my Dad would allow until I graduated).

Posted because of Joe.  So blame him if you swoon for that good-looking-if-70s-bespectacled hunk of hairy man.

Yeah, I dunno where the hair on top went.  There is a theory that it migrated to my face, but I have other pictures that put the lie to that; I had facial hair AND a fine thick thatch covering my cranium at the same time after I was 18.  Perhaps I should post that picture.


This was probably taken in late 1978.  My wife never saw it until last year, when I finally got around to digitizing some old negatives.  She took one look and said, "THAT'S MAH MAN!"  LOL.

I was a conservative even then.  I had a "Reagan in '80" bumpersticker on my car.

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Looking good Nathan!


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