I ated a apple.

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And I'm putting that there because generally I don't care for fruit.

We're back on Weight Watchers* and I lost three pounds the first week.  Yay me.

With any luck I'll be down to about 190 by the time Teh Won By Less starts cracking down on fatties.  Which I figure he'll do after he finds out that his gun-grabbin' rhetoric is, well, not a whole lot more than rhetoric; he just hopes he can grab all our guns and we'll sit still for it.

But what I'm doing is a perfect example of why government needs to stay the hell out of my personal life.  I decided to lose weight.  I'm paying for a program that I know can help me lose weight (I lost 40 pounds on it back in 2002-2004).  And if I fail, it's my fault, not Weight Watchers'.**

I will guarandamntee you that if somebody like Mike Bloomberg got all up in my face and ordered me to lose weight, I'd gain it just to spite his hypocritical ass.  And I'll double-guarandamntee you that if Teh Won By Less gets all up in my face and orders me to hand over my weaponry, there'll be a hot time in the old town that night.

Too much government meddling in the lives of private citizens is NOT a good thing.  And it's about time to teach these bastards on the left just exactly what the Constitution is and means, and why we're going to use it like a ball bat on their heads.


* Mandatory FTC Disclaimer:  I don't work for or receive any promotional consideration from Weight Watchers.  I just pay for and use their program.

** The reason it works for me, by the way, is that I have to write down everything I eat. And since my wife is doing it at the same time, it's kind of mean to cheat.  Plus, the e-Tools are kind of fun and I don't have to go scrambling for my Points Tracker booklet every time I eat something; I just put it in my phone.

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