Mac to PC gap narrows? Not in this house.

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Insty points to an article that suggests the Mac to PC gap is narrowing.

I'll make the point that there is exactly one piece of Mac hardware in this house.

And it's broken.

So there.

And also, before you fanbois out there start jeeringcheering:  There are still 20 PCs being sold for every Mac.

Takeaway:  I'm sure glad people have money to buy Macs in this down economy.  I can only assume that many of them are being purchased with unemployment checks...

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Had one Mac..
It broke....way broke, unfixable least by me and the shop wanted ..(eyes bugging out here) a lot of money to fix..
Have 3 PCs, One laptop...all work...all have had a need to be repaired and refurbished at one time or another..By myself...

I'll stay with my PCs...

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