Friday Cat Blogging


Never thought these lilacs were going to bloom. We planted them back in the summer of aught seven, just before our big maple in the back had to be taken out that fall. Problem being, in taking this picture, I’m standing in the spot where the big maple used to be. Meaning that all the chunks of 75-foot-tall maple that were going to be dropped would probably not do these things any good at all.
But the tree guys dug them up, set them aside, and replanted them after they were done. And they continued to grow, although they seemed kinda…dinky. And we got a few flowers out of them last year, but nothing spectacular.
Then, this spring, they both shot up, and this one bloomed like mad. The other one, although it’s actually bigger, bloomed, but not like this.
Now, you’re asking yourself, how is this cat blogging?
Well, just about exactly two years ago, we lost our Turkish Van, Snoopy.

And as it happens, he’s buried (or his ashes are, at any rate) under this particular lilac bush. Sally is convinced that it bloomed because it’s Snoopy’s lilac.
You may now have a good cry, or claim you just got something in your eye, depending on your sex.