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A simple response, geared to his level of intellect

Fuck you, Mr. Obama.  Fuck you right up the ass, sideways.

Obama rips Fox News viewers: “You are living on a different planet.”

No, sir, we are living on the same planet we’ve always lived on.  You, however, are and always have been living in Marxistland – a land of pie in the sky and big rock candy mountains.  All that weed you smoked has damaged your brain.  In eight years, you proved yourself the most incompetent man to ever hold the Presidency — and that took some doing.  It’s hard to look busy when you’re doing absolutely nothing.

For what it’s worth, I haven’t watched Fox News for years, since they started losing their right-leaning edge around the middle of 43’s second term.  It sure would be nice if someone out there would start an honest news channel that really lived up to the “we report, you decide” philosophy.

But, like I told my wife last night when we saw the ad for Letterman’s new show, “Well, there’s two reasons not to watch it — Letterman, and Obama.”

Seeing is believing

A year ago, I went in for a routine eye exam and it was discovered that the pressure in both eyes was elevated to a level that possibly presaged glaucoma.

A couple of months later, I went back for an exhaustive set of panels that did everything but pull the eyeballs out of their sockets and take a physical look at them.  It was determined that nothing needed to be done immediately, but also discovered that the optic nerve attachments to the retina are getting a little thin and frayed.  This is most likely due to the fact that I am horrifically myopic, but it is also to some extent a result of age.  So naturally they want to keep an eye on that.  (No pun intended.)

I still have excellent peripheral vision and no obvious visual impairment other than being nearsighted and astigmatic, so there was and is no cause for alarm.

So I went back again yesterday for my annual routine eye exam, and they found that the pressure in both eyes had dropped back into normal range!

Nobody is sure why.  It’s attributed on some evidence to my having lost 30 pounds over the last year and my A1C dropping from 7.2 to 6.3.  Frankly I don’t care what the reason is, I’m just happy that I’m out of the pre-glaucoma range.  I don’t need that on top of everything else that ails me.

Worldcon is dead. Bury it, and the Hugos, and be done with it.

So the big Facebook news for the last day or so has been that Jon Del Arroz, an up-and-coming SF writer, has been banned from attending Worldcon.

Why?  Because he planned to wear a body camera.

OK, I’m being vague.

Jon Del Arroz is a conservative Hispanic science fiction writer.  You can see his Amazon author page here.  With the disclaimer that I haven’t read any of his stuff myself (yet), there are folks out there like Moira Greyland Peat* who say it’s good stuff, and that Del Arroz himself is a fine gentleman.  I’m inclined to take their word for it.

Del Arroz was going to wear a body camera to Worldcon because he and his family have been threatened and doxxed.  Worldcon, in response to his statement that he would be wearing a body camera because he felt he might be attacked during the con, demoted his full membership to a supporting membership (i.e., “no ticket for you!”)  Why?  Well, to quote Larry Corriea, “They banned a dude because he’s got the wrong politics and he’s loud and annoying about it?”

Two years ago, I said I’d be perfectly happy to see Worldcon fold up tent and have that be the end of the Hugos. I haven’t budged from that position.  There are other awards (the Dragon, for instance) that have a much more open and fair process, and which aren’t subject to the whims of the tiny fraction of fandom — mostly the SJW branch of fandom — who buy either a full or a supporting membership in Worldcon to vote for them.

The banning of a conservative SF author from Worldcon simply because there are people out there who dislike him enough to attack him personally and physically, prompting him to make it clear that he’ll be documenting everything that happens while he’s there, is just more proof that the powers that be at Worldcon have lost any authority they have to administer the most ancient and hoary of SF awards.  And that they have been completely overtaken by the proggy wing of fandom, i.e., most of the people I ever met at cons who are the reason I haven’t been to a con in over thirty years.

This makes several consecutive Worldcons where the SJW contingent has held the upper hand.  It’s time either to get some fairness and balance into the process, or to just let the damn thing die.  And given the leadership they have, the latter is more likely than the former.

[Updated to correct my misspelling of Del Arroz’s name.  My apologies.]

* Moira is the daughter of Marion Zimmer Bradley and Walter Breen, the former a lesbian who divorced her husband and took up with another woman, and the latter a pedophile (finally convicted and sentenced to prison, where he eventually died).  You can purchase her recently-released book on the subject of her childhood and what a pair of slimy human beings her parents were at this link. Or — and this is most likely if you grew up reading MZB’s books — you can go on believing the fairy tales told about them.  Whatever.  I stand with Moira.

Progs are funniest when they are out of power

That’s what Limbaugh always said, though he said “Democrats” rather than “progs”.  But then you see something like this:

You know, there are days I think I should get another Twitter account, just to tell George Takei what a drooling, raving fuckwad he is.

Conservatives never got as upset with Barry as folks like Takei have gotten over Trump. Well, right back at ’em:

Get over it.

That’s what you told us.

How secure it is

Well, anyway — the site is now https.  It will automatically switch for you, so if you have an http://fuzzycurmudgeon.com URL bookmarked somewhere, rejoice, for you need do nothing.

The Kozinsky allegations smell ever so slightly of fish.

The latest attempt to take a head in the Great Sexual Harassment Orgy of 2017 is directed against a judge on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, Judge Alex Kozinski.  Yeah, OK, it’s the Ninth Circus, so what?  As it turns out, a lot what.  About this, I wrote elsewhere, in response to a comment that implied Kozinski was little more than an incompetent liberal activist:

For what it’s worth, this guy was appointed by Ronald Reagan. I don’t think he’s a liberal activist in the pure sense of the term. If you look at his Wikipedia entry, the decisions he’s been influential in haven’t been liberal wins. He’s pro-death penalty, for one thing, with the interesting twist that he doesn’t believe in lethal injection, but prefers firing squads, the electric chair, the gas chamber, etc. In Wood v Ryan, he wrote in dissent, “Sure, firing squads can be messy, but if we are willing to carry out executions, we should not shield ourselves from the reality that we are shedding human blood. If we, as a society, cannot stomach the splatter from an execution carried out by firing squad, then we shouldn’t be carrying out executions at all.” That squares with my own long-held opinion that if you’re going to execute someone for a capital crime, do it in the public square.

Now, none of that means it’s impossible for him to be a sleazy scumball who hits on his female clerks, but as usual, I find it interesting that these ladies waited so long to make their allegations, and also that “many” other women who clerked for him say that they were never approached in this way. The WaPo article says, “The Post reached out to dozens of Kozinski’s former clerks and externs for this report. Many of those who returned messages said that they experienced no harassment of any kind and that their experience — which entailed grueling work into the wee hours of the morning every day — was a rewarding one. They noted Kozinski’s wry sense of humor.”

Again, not saying that proves his innocence, but I for one am raising an eyebrow at the very least — and this goes right along with my previous post this morning:  “This business will get out of control — it will get out of control, and we’ll be lucky to live through it.”

With all due respect to Admiral Fred Thompson, it’s already out of control.  We’re just in the “sit back and eat popcorn” phase.  I sure hope Roy Moore wins tomorrow — I want to see the left go even more completely apeshit than they already are.

Too late!

In re: the latest allegation of a poor defenseless girl woman being abused by Roy Moore:

Funny that she waited till the day before the election, if this happened “months ago”.  And that she’s now apparently “protected” her tweets from being viewed by the great unwashed.

Young millennial women are clearly too fragile to be allowed to work in journalism, or anywhere outside the home.

“I can kill you with a thought.”

The WSJ had a big scolding editorial this morning about how Trump needs to repudiate Roy Moore because they think the Dems put Trump in check by forcing Franken’s ouster.  The problem with that is their deadline was last night, and Franken’s announcement wasn’t till this morning…

So I have to wonder how that crow they’re eating right now tastes, given that Franken was a total ass about the whole thing, and didn’t actually resign today? Instead, he gave himself a wide window to defenestrate, er, change his mind. And you never know, Roy Moore might lose yet.

The WSJ thinks Trump is playing chess with the Dems. He’s not playing chess. He’s playing four-dimensional galactic troll kriegspiel, and the WSJ hasn’t figured that out yet, much less the Dems.

Musings on all that sexy boozy druggy stuff in the Nation’s Crapital [sic]

It occurs to me that the depth and scope of the scandal now brewing in Washington, DC, amongst our Nation’s Finest *eyeroll* (otherwise known as our Congresscritters and Senileators) is the product of our permanent, year-round government.

It used to be that Congress met for short periods to do the nation’s business — not to simply do the nation, as seems to be all too prevalent these days — and went home to tend their farms or businesses or law practices or whatever illegality they practiced that brought them to the attention of their state legislators (Senileators, before the 17th Amendment *spit*) or the Great Unwashed who balloted for them at the local polls (Congresscritters).  In part, this was due to the genius of the Founders and Framers, who placed the national capital in a fetid, malarial, unlivable swamp in a day when air conditioning was unknown.  If you think that wasn’t done on purpose, you may want to guess again.  The Founders/Framers knew the danger of letting people spend too much time loitering in the corridors of power.

Damn Willis Carrier, anyway.

The fact that the people’s business has become a year-round, full-time job, with elected officials living in the Capital and (sometimes) not even maintaining a real home in their district, seems to have created and nurtured a class of elites with far too much spare time on their hands and far too much power to be trusted not to be tempted by the availability of all that…well, I hate to say, “free pussy”, because some of these soi-disant elites are female, and some of them of both sexes bat for the other team, as it were.  And the perception of all of it being “free” is, of course, in the mind of the beholder — and as we are finding out lately, not so much in the mind of the beholden.

The fact is, our elected representatives are, with a few notable exceptions, vile and disgusting people who ought to be ridden out of the country on a rail.  And if they didn’t spend all of their time away from home, their predilections (not to mention their depredations) would be a lot more obvious to the people who send them to Washington.  On top of that, they’d have to actually work for a living, so they might better understand the plight of the “little people” (again, those who, you know, VOTE for them).

As an American, there is nothing that makes me more ill than a career politician.  Unless perhaps it’s a career politician who thinks he or she is immune from sanction for activities that would get the rest of us fired from our jobs for even thinking about.  Take that fat slob Al Franken, for instance — apologizing but not resigning from the Senate like any decent reasonable guilty human being found to be compromised by such a situation would do.  He’ll be lucky if the people he represents don’t do his resigning for him the next time he stands for election.  (And here again, Franken becomes yet another poster child for the repeal of the 17th Amendment, right up there along with Elizabeth “Fauxcohontas” Warren and — much as I hate to malign a true American hero — that traitor to his party John McCain.)

Then there are Congresscritters like John Conyers who make term limits seem like an obvious addition to the Constitution — given that today’s voters can’t seem to simply toss them out like yesterday’s newspaper.  In what actual Framer’s mind did the idea of spending 52+ years in the House of Representatives make a lick of sense?  And Conyers isn’t the longest serving Congresscritter ever, either — he’s #3.  John Dingell was in Congress for over 59 years.  Jamie Whitten was in Congress for 53 years plus.  Of course Conyers has #1 seniority for those currently serving in the House.  Don Young is #2 with nearly 45 years.  Jim Sensenbrenner is #3 with nearly 39 years.  Hal Rogers, Chris Smith, and Steny Hoyer round out the currently-serving seniority list with over 36 years each.

That’s too fucking long.  These people are ossified in place and cannot possibly have any clue about the people they actually represent.  The Framers anticipated that a man might serve a couple of terms in the House, certainly no more than one or two terms in the Senate, and then go home to resume living his live — in the mold of our home-grown Cincinnatus, George Washington, who left office after two terms as President and WENT THE FUCK HOME.

People today don’t realize how badass it was for Washington to simply drop the reins of power, pick up the reins of his horse, and leave Philadelphia only rarely to look back.  The only thing he did post-retirement was accept a commission as lieutenant general from John Adams so he could serve as Commander-in-chief of the armies in case of what looked like an imminent war with France.  That commission lasted 17 months until his death and the war with France never materialized — and he delegated most of the work to Alexander Hamilton.  His example of short tenure followed by a return to civil life was so revered that the two-term presidential limit held without need for codification until Franklin Roosevelt thought so well of himself that he broke the rule and ran for a third and fourth re-election.  That quickly led to a Constitutional amendment formally limiting the President to two consecutive elected terms — it was said, to prevent Truman from capitalizing on Roosevelt’s violation of the tradition, and running for a third term (which would actually have been his second elected term, since his first term was most of Roosevelt’s fourth).  The fact is, Truman probably just wanted to get the hell out of Washington and go back to Missouri at that point, but that didn’t matter to the Republicans who held Congress at the time.

Unfortunately, Congress didn’t see fit to limit itself at the same time.  And today we have the mess that we have.  On top of that, we have the 18-20 year old set voting, which I’ve thought was a mistake since I was old enough to vote.  Nobody my age had any business voting in 1978, although it was nice to be able to cast a vote for Reagan just before my 21st birthday.

But what is most ridiculous about our system is that it enfranchises people who have no business voting because they are, to all intents and purposes, wards of the state.  Nobody on welfare of any kind should be voting — they have a vested interest in preserving the status quo of bread and circuses, and because they vote, the people who created our modern welfare state are still in charge of it, and still expanding it.  Nobody who doesn’t pay income taxes should vote — especially anyone who takes advantage of the Earned Income Credit or other dodges that help them avoid paying for the government services they receive.

Shoot, I’m not that many years from retirement, and I won’t be able to afford to live without Social Security payments, and I think anyone on Social Security should lose their vote, given that Social Security is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme rather than a real investment for one’s retirement.

If you subtracted out the people who receive government benefits from the eligible voter rolls, there would be a lot of Democrat ‘critters and senileators out looking for work, because there wouldn’t be enough votes to keep them in office.  And we wouldn’t need term limits, because the voters who were left wouldn’t put up with the bullshit that poses as representative government today.

And without the bullshit, and with people in office who actually viewed it as a public trust and not as a personal wealth and power generator, the kind of sleazy crap that is coming out of Washington today wouldn’t be happening.

At least I don’t think it would.

No matter how wonderful you think your Congresscritter or Senileator is, if he or she has been in office more than a couple of terms, and looks like they’re going to just keep running, it might be high time to primary them.

We can’t fix the problems in Washington without draining the swamp.  Trump gets that, and within his limited ability to man the pumps and clear the drains, he’s doing what he can.

Are you going to help, or are you just going to sit on your ass and keep re-electing the same failed, sleazy, lame-ass people to Congress?

The Framers left it in your hands.  Don’t let them down.

Down the drain

Just looked at my combined gas and water bill that’s due the end of the month.  Looked at the water portion because I keep scratching my head wondering how in the hell two people and two cats can use so much water.

Water Charges $28.44
Sales Tax $1.99
Sewer Charges (4.969 CCF) $44.40
Total $74.83

So, OK, I get that the governor has to take his bite.*


And the only work you fuckers have done on our sewers in this neighborhood in 50+ years was to get rid of the nasty old lift station that you didn’t need in the first place, and that was at least 25 years ago.

Yeah, I get that this tax fee is an EPA mandate to TAX us (oh, excuse me, they call it a “user fee”) because the EPA also mandated that we get people off of septic systems and onto an actual sanitary sewer system in this county that doesn’t share space with the stormwater runoff and its associated sewers.  Of course we never had a septic system out here, been on city sewers from day one, but never mind that (and also never mind that it costs taxpayers on septic some horrific amount of money to connect to their new sewer systems once they’re installed on the backs of everyone else in the county).

By the way, speaking of stormwater runoff:

This is what our back yard looks like after pretty much any relatively-heavy rain.***  Yep, it’s supposed to be a swale****, got no argument about that; there’s a beehive drain to the left of the bottom picture that lets water into the storm sewer that eventually leads out into a big damn ditch about a quarter mile away.  But it would be nice if the city would spend some of that sweet storm sewer tax fee money on putting in a perforated tile under that swale so the damn water doesn’t pool like that.  I mean, the water table is only about 3 feet down anyway, this part of Indiana is basically a fucking swamp thanks to the last Ice Age’s glaciation, so what this means is that the ground is completely saturated when it gets like this.  I guess we should be happy that the street doesn’t flood halfway up the front yard like it did once, back in 1977.

PS:  Yes, our neighbor to the right is a fucking white-trash slob.  He had to replace his fence because it was falling apart and they have an above-ground pool.  So he put up the new fence inside of the old fence, removed the old fence panels, and left the old fence posts standing — two years ago.  I’m considering going out with the chain saw next spring, cutting them off, and heaving them over his fence.  But the fence line going up between him and the other neighbor at left is even worse — it’s crookeder than a dog’s hind leg.

PPS:  Neighbor to the left is maintaining an attractive nuisance with an unmaintained and unprotected trampoline, too.  It’s been there for at least thirty years and I’m sure it’s just waiting for a kid to jump on it and fall through because the canvas is rotten.

So much to bitch about, so little time.

* Although if I were governor, I’d put out an executive order that commodities purchased from utilities would no longer be subject to sales tax — PARTICULARLY from utilities that are organized and operate as tax-exempt public trusts, as ours does.  And then I’d beat on the legislature to put that into law.  With actual beatings, if need be.  Preston Brooks was right, he just got violent in a bad cause.

** Yeah, I exaggerate, it’s only 156% more.  200% would be $56.88.  Sue me.

*** These particular pictures were taken back in July, during the 2017 “monsoon”.

**** Whatever spell-checker is running in Firefox, it doesn’t know how to spell “swale”.  I guess that’s too esoteric for it.

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